Quality & Care

Quality & Care Guide

We use nothing less than the highest quality plating available, 18k PVD plating. However, all gold plating can eventually tarnish if not properly taken care of. Follow these simple steps to ensure your product last as long as possible:

• Avoid wearing it when swimming, bathing or doing sports. Always rinse your jewelry in fresh water after swimming in the sea or sweating, then wipe it with soft cloth.
• After wearing your drip, wipe it down with a dry micro fiber cloth (or the provided micro fiber dust bag) to remove skin oils.
• If your jewelry is not used frequently, keep it stored in the provided dust bag.
• Avoid exposing your jewelry to extreme temperatures(over 60℃ or 140 ℉ and under 0 ℃ or 32 ℉) and to sudden fluctuations in temperature. (If the climate is humid, place a small packet of desiccant crystals inside your storage area.)
• Do not use jewelry cleaner or any other chemicals
• Avoid Hairspray, cologne, body spray, etc.
• For extremely dirty jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and clean the jewelry under warm running water. Make sure you rinse well and wipe with a soft cloth to dry.

If your product fades or breaks within the first year, our 365-day warranty will replace it for free.

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